Following a breakthrough year, Brent Faiyaz, Atu, and Dpat are back with an irresistible after hours jam…

When we interviewed Brent Faiyaz about his debut album ‘Sonder Son’, he was in the enjoying a whirlwind year.

The Baltimore-born, Los Angeles-based singer was featured on a hit single with GoldLink, ‘Crew’, which would go on to be nominated for a GRAMMY, and Sonder - a project that had formed organically in collaboration with producers Atu and Dpat - was snowballing far beyond anything that anyone involved had expected. Soon enough their seven track debut EP, ‘Into’, had become a cult favourite, and they’d managed to pull off a sold out US tour.

“That shit was incredible,” he told us. “I guess just the fact that we paid for the tour out of pocket and then sold out the whole shit, that’s surreal to me. It’s different when people show love online, but when you get to meet and interact with people who really fuck with your music, that’s priceless.”

While Brent describes Sonder as being something that “just happened to us”, rather than something that they’d intended to push upon listeners, the trio have truly connected with people both online and in real life situations.

While their songs - like ‘Too Fast’ which was recently used in Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Season 2 trailer - will continue to be discovered by new ears for months, even years, to come, those that were on board early are thirsty for new music.

Luckily, the wait is over, as Brent Faiyaz, Atu and Dpat return with new single ‘One Night Only’. The track continues along the tried and tested formula of the EP, bringing their classic 90’s R&B influences into 2018 with an irresistible after hours jam.

Words: Grant Brydon

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