Melbourne duo with a fresh sound...
Slum Sociable

Melbourne is one of Australia's artistic hubs, a city with a sprawling, diverse music scene.

Even amongst this atmosphere of creativity, though, Slum Sociable still stand out. A production duo - Edward Quinn and Miller Upchurch - their sound veers from Tame Impala style psychedelia to Bristol-infused trip-hop.

Currently working on their debut album, Slum Sociable are ready to escape the studio with new cut 'Name Call'.

The pared down beat nods towards a mutual love of hip-hop, while the dank atmosphere and funky bassline are more indie in tone.

'Name Call' has that neat whistled melody, though, and it's exotic, Morricone-esque flourishes like these that define the pair's joyous eccentricities.

Tune in now.

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