Yep, him out of Bombay Bicycle Club...

Heady, hypnotic, psychedelic.

Sivu - one person, London based - seems to linger on the fringes of the imagination, dwelling in colourful climes, radiating in near fluorescent tones.

New single 'Can't Stop Now' is a wonderful showcase for the songwriter's talents, distilling as it does his rhythmic drive, his use of texture and feel into one neat package.

Out on March 24th, the video for 'Can't Stop Now' was shot in Los Angeles with Sivu’s ex-flat-mate and long-term collaborator Adam Powell.

A lush, gorgeously pieced together track, 'Can't Stop Now' has also been made available to a select batch of guest producers.

Bombay Bicycle Club's Jack Steadman has been a Sivu supporter from the off, and grabbed the chance to remix 'Can't Stop Now'. Adding his own flavour to the mix, the results spin Sivu in a more outwardly electronic direction.

Deliciously fragrant synth work abounds, while those woozy rhythms are straight out of the hip hop sketchbook.

Listen to it now.

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