Taken from the expanded 'Youth' re-issue...
Simian Ghost

First there was one, now there is many.

Simian Ghost began as a solo project, helmed by Sebastian Arnström. Continually adding new members, the band's miserablist approach to indie pop has turned them into cult heroes.

2012's 'Youth' was something of a breakthrough. Matching heartbreaking lyrics to golden melodies, Simian Ghost hit upon a winning (indie) pop formula.

Set to be re-issued, the new edition of 'Youth' comes equipped with five brand new recordings. Out on September 9th, Clash is lucky enough to be able to provide a preview.

'2012' seems to capture the spirit of those original recording sessions, opening with glistening strummed guitars before giving way to a few, Belle & Sebastian style rhythm.

Joyous yet knowing, Simian Ghost seem to overcome huge obstacles with each note, each rushing crescendo.

Check it out now.


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