Crafted by Asylum 33...

Shakka continues to confound expectations.

The West London phenomenon closed 2016 in fine style, with new EP 'The Island' showcasing the sheer breadth of his talent.

Opening the new year with breathless ambition, Shakka is ready to share the video for 'Don't Call Me'.

Playing on perception and varying viewpoints, the clip finds Shakka battling himself, switching between the present and flashbacks to emotional trauma.

Directed by Asylum 33, it's both deeply personal and a hugely effective artistic feast. Shakka explains:

For some reason, I'm the one in my friendship group that people confide in with relationship trouble. 'He did this.' 'She slept with this one.' Etc. So when I wrote 'Don't Call Me', it came from emotions I felt when hearing these stories. So not another break-up.

And when it came to working with Asylum, the whole thing felt like cooking in a house with uni flatmates:

'Ah, it would be sick if we tried this ...',
Or: 'How about if we put that, with that...'
Or: 'I ordered Beef but it ain't here. Who took it fam?'

Instead of worrying if the director and me wouldn't see eye to eye, putting this video together felt natural.

Watch it now.

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