A true dance legend gets re-worked...

Mark Moore was one of the true faces of 80s dance culture.

A well known member of London's electronic underworld, his extravagant appearances at clubs such as The Wag earned him a guest slot in the video for David Bowie's 'Blue Jean'.

Adopting the S'Express moniker, the producer began absorbing some of the sounds from his sets - electro, the remnants of disco, the first blasts of house all fuelled a triumphant opening gambit.

New album 'Enjoy This Trip' arrives on May 27th, and it finds Mark Moore's work being remixed by friends, collaborators, admirers, and more.

The Horrors' Tom Furse is a well known crate-digger, a figure whose own love of electronic music recently led to a 12 inch release on Kick + Clap Records.

Stepping in to re-work 'Theme From S'Express' the producer aims straight at the body - check out those synth stabs, the machine funk relish in which he delivers the funk.

Tune in now.

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