Premiere: Sam Lee – ‘Nose Song’

Dedicated to an under-rated organ...

Ongoing 'Body Of Songs' project explicitly links his music to parts of the body.

In language, sound and arrangement, 'Body Of Songs' allows artists such as Afrikan Boy, Goldie and Bat For Lashes to dig deeper than ever into the link between music and the human body.

Sam Lee is now ready to unveil his new track 'Nose Song' through Clash. Co-written with Llywelyn ap Myrddin, the singer explains:

"The nose is by far the least understood of all the organs and one of the great human science mysteries. This song explores this "archaic nerve" that penetrates our psyche and unconsciousness in magical transportive ways. This original organ has elevated itself to such a lofty position of biological deportment as to become almost unnecessary, yet so rooted in all our judgements socially, sexually, animalistically and atavistically it could be reckoned as the seat of the highest intuition and most advanced of all faculties.”

Check it out now.

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