A songwriter with a refreshing sense of grit...
Sam Fender

Sam Fender has grown up in an environment laden with certain preconceptions about young people.

You probably know the sort of thing we're talking about: the way 'millennials' is used almost as a curse word, short hand for kids who complain too much and work too little.

But this songwriter knows another side to the story. Hailing from Newcastle, he's seen people of his generation work hard to get where they are, and he's seen broader society refuse to acknowledge that.

New song 'Millennial' is an attempt to channel that. Sweetly melodic yet also containing its fair share of grit, it feels like a mature, rounded, and nuanced critique of an important issue.

Sam explains: "'Millennial' is a tongue-in-cheek response to the media's negative portrayal of young people in the 21st century. It plays on the notion that we (millennials) are 'young and dumb' freeloading idiots that expect a hand out from society. It plays on issues such as fake news and our addiction to screens and social media."

Airing first on Clash, it's a neat introduction to a talent quickly blossoming...

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