Intergalactic pop with a soft yet melancholic...

Pop right now feels very Earthly, but in a quite reductive way.

Everything is reduced to streaming stats, with few people casting their gaze up to the stars.

Safetalk though, rarely look at anything else. Two Parisian producers and a British vocalist, their soft-focus electronic pop is gently inspiring.

New cut 'Universal' airs via Clash, and it's the perfect introduction to their intergalactic pop realm. They explain:

"This first transmission is considered a soft calling to those seeking to acknowledge the understanding that we are all connected, that we are all understood and that we are all being heard."

"'Universal' is a call for those to come together, whom seek peace in an age of digital division, elevating us softly with arms wrapped around the planet likes the stars of the night sky," the band comment. "Safetalk has been listening to us... archiving us, taking the time to hear what has been said and now Safetalk is ready to transmit what it is that truly define us...we have been listening to you and we want you to know that Safetalk is here now for us..."

Tune in now.

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