Premiere: Roger Goula – ‘Overview Effect’

Taken from his startling new album...

Travel broadens the mind, as they say.

Well, travelling into space must twist and contort your perceptions in ways we can't even imagine.

Composer and songwriter Roger Goula was drawn to this topic, and it forms the basis of new album 'Overview Effect' – essentially, the impact seeing Earth from space has on astronauts.

“The idea of a psychological shift of how we see our home – the Earth – interested me enormously as the central theme for this project, particularly the concept of a psychological journey,” said Goula. “This focal point gave me a huge amount of inspiration from which to generate musical ideas that would develop to eventually become this album. Having internalised the idea of the overview effect, I began to sketch compositions for the album, using the concept to guide the material.”

Out on December 9th, Clash is able to premiere the enthralling title cut. Part of a wave of modern classical composers – think Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds – exploring fresh territory, Roger Goula has an approach all his own.

Lush strings are set against corrosive, distorted noise, with the track pirouetting towards weightlessness.

Nodding towards the past in an attempt to sketch out the future, you can check out 'Overview Effect' below.

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