River Fury
London risers showcase their debut EP...

River Fury's path hasn't exactly been a straight one.

The band formed out of London's hectic open mic circuit, four songwriters and musicians from very different locations.

Spread across the UK and out towards Melbourne, River Fury use these experiences to forge something special.

New EP '5 Year Plan' is incoming, a precocious document that packs a real punch. The band's Pat Nutton explains:

“We wanted to make a fairly big sounding rock record, one that didn't shy or mince its riffs or words. When we wanted to make it loud we made it loud and when we wanted it a bit more subtle and soothing we did that. Some of my other musical exploits are a bit more rough and ready and lo-fi but we didn't feel the need for holding back from layering harmonies or conversely being discordant...”

We're able to share new cut 'Wasteful' and it's a stellar offering, the concise guitar riffs matched to a punk energy and some deft songwriting moments.

Dan Howe explains: "'Wasteful' is one of our heavier, chaotic punk rock songs with an insidious chorus and a little bit of psych styling. It's definitely a direction I'd like to take but we’re still exploring sounds as a band, putting stuff out and seeing what works..."

Tune in now.

Catch River Fury at London's Finsbury venue on November 3rd.

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