Premiere: RINNGS – ‘Cutting The Cloth’

Effortless alt-pop with an artful gaze...

Karl Zine and Nai Jannson knew they wanted to do something different.

Eager to step outside the norm, the pair broke down the rules of pop… and then completely ignored them.

RINNGS was born. A production duo determined to move in off piste territory, the pair recently hacked away at their sound and broke into new avenues.

New track 'Cutting The Cloth' uses only vocals and percussion, a stripped down slice of minimalist pop blessed with innate imagination.

They explain: "'Cutting The Cloth' started off as a sample of one of RINNGS' children’s first attempts at singing. From there the inspiration shifted to sacred choral music, Indian cartoons, the beats of the 1959 Wurlizer Sideman, and on… and on.. Lyrically the song explores the themes of desire, ageing, loss, beauty, loneliness and rebellion."

Concise, bewildering, and infectious, you can check out 'Cutting The Cloth' below.

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