Rainbrother (Credit: Jesper Helbo)
A lengthy, lugubrious ode to letting go...

Denmark's Rainbrother knew they needed a different approach.

Deciding to leave the city behind, they relocated to an old farm house, working from an ad hoc studio.

Recording completely live, each song is a real performance, and this gives a warm elasticity to the performances.

New album 'Island' lands on March 29th, and it's an expansive, ambitious, highly rewarding return that moves from dream pop to Americana and even flirts with prog.

Breaking fresh ground, 'Island' is led by new song 'The Master' and it's a glorious seven minute epic.

Reminiscent of those My Morning Jacket wig-outs or even a more Americana-inclined Pink Floyd, it's a viscous, free-flowing piece of music.

Moving from placid, slow-moving sections into explosions of sound, 'The Master' might just be the most complete, ambitious song Rainbrother have yet placed their name against.

Bjarke Bendtsen explains: “We recorded all songs on the album live without a click track so the songs could flow freely. Our drummer Lars was our God carrying us through the seven minutes. Quite appropriate since the lyrics are actually about letting go. It's incredible how much more you can give when you believe that someone's got your back.”

Tune in now.

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