New Jersey post-hardcore types continue to impress...

New Jersey has always been a secure based for punk and its myriad offshoots, for forward thinking guitar music.

Prawn's skewed take on post-hardcore has a cult following, with the band's 'Kingfisher' LP - challenging yet fragrant, off kilter yet contagious - earning critical praise.

During sessions for the album, the New Jersey group pieced together more material than they could use. Hence a further release: a limited edition 7" for Record Store Day on Black Friday (November 27th).

Guitarist/vocalist Tony Clark explains:

"Last year we set out to write a full length record, which eventually became Kingfisher. We wrote and recorded a total of 12 songs, of which only 10 made the final cut. We had to cut two songs and shuffle the order to make it onto a 12" vinyl. The two songs we left off our personally some of our favorites and we thought they deserved a proper release. The good folks at Topshelf agreed and hence the Settled 7".

'Settled' is an oddly beautiful piece of work - rhythmically complex yet melodically simple, Prawn continue to bewilder, perplex and entertain.

Check it out now.

Photo Credit: Kellyann Petry

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