Artfully strange pop music from Helsinki...

Helsinki is a small but incredibly vibrant city.

The Finnish capital boasts a wonderfully fertile creative community, and it's here that Pooma call home.

All three musicians have worked on other projects but together they produce something special, a delightfully weird brand of alt-pop.

New cut 'Flock Of Cranes' has a David Lynch feel, a little of Twin Peaks distilled into a three minute pop song.

Clash is able to premiere the video, which Pooma introduce: “The song is about being in a relationship that was scarring. As things start to reveal themselves as they actually are, it forces you to open your eyes and you feel trapped because there is still love there,” say the band. “You come out wiser but also more careful. The other person has moved on, since it wasn’t as traumatising for that person, but you are still healing.”

Appropriately raw, you can check out 'Flock Of Cranes' below.

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