Premiere: Only Yours – ‘Different’

Indie meets pop in the streets of Toronto...

Only Yours is a new project from Toronto, aiming to match indie against pop.

It's an oft replicated mixture, but one rarely completed with such applomb, with such fervour, as with this rising Canadian quartet.

"I'm hugely excited by pop music" says singer Lowell Sostomi. "I grew up digging through record crates and listening to older music, but when you look at more modern stuff or things like Tears for Fears and The Cure a lot of the time it works the same way. Right now I'm excited about Beyonce and Rihanna, and Drake. I think it's fucking amazing and honestly the deeper we get into it the more I understand how compatible these kinds of songs are with the music I grew up with."

Snapped up by Pirates Blend, Only Yours are currently prepping new single 'Different' (order LINK). It's a snappy return – all hooks, a bold chorus, and a glistening verse that arrives with a bittersweet flair.

Lowell Sostomi: "'Writing 'Different' was an important step in refining my creative process overall, because I tirelessly worked and reworked the song trying to fix "problems" that didn't even exist. As a songwriter I find myself constantly striving to make songs "better" and often in doing so, I would make them worse. I rewrote the chorus about 20 times before I realized the first one I wrote was the best fit, and almost always is. That's why I never spend too much time trying to "fix" a song any more — because if it doesn't come out right the first time, it's better to move on. There's no point in fabricating an exciting moment, and in some sense that's what the song is about — the exciting moment at the beginning of something new."

Check it out below.

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