Future-facing pop music with a bass edge...
'Desert' artwork

Mark Williams and Raul Cubina come from vastly different musical traditions.

Mark was a guitar prodigy, a member of BB King's house band in Nashville when he still in his teens. Raul, meanwhile, worked as an engineer, pulled into the orbit of the Neptunes' studio in Miami.

When the two found each other in Los Angeles, though, they seemed to bring something entirely new out of one another.

Ojivolta was born. Future-facing pop music with a bass edge, the project is set to welcome the New Year with a brand new track.

Nylo supplies guest vocals on 'Satisfaction', and it displays their incredibly exacting creative techniques. The duo explain:

"'Satisfaction' is an intimate track that we worked on with Nylo. We revised it over a dozen times to make sure that we captured her emotion and matched it perfectly. The track’s vocals and music both tell their own stories that evolve throughout the song in a special way. Most of the sounds in the song are actually her vocal that we effected in different ways."

Tune in now.

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