Premiere: Nuage – ‘Spring Ghosts’

St. Petersburg based producer...

To the West, Russia is in danger of returning to its status as an arch villain, as a place where civil liberties are stamped down.

To the young people who live there, however, it's home. St. Petersburg – historically Russia's most European city – is home to all manner of creative types, including a flourishing electronic scene.

Nuage hails from the city, and new album 'Neida' should place him firmly on the map in the West. Based on an ancient tale, it follows the story of a young boy who one day noticed an eerie call, so peculiar and odd that he could not resist but to follow it.

Clash is able to premiere 'Spring Ghosts' is its an eerie piece of electronics with a techno kick. Profoundly original, there's a lingering sense of the historic which passes wistfully through the track.

Check it out now.

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