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Nikhil D’Souza

A chance encounter in the street helped Nikhil D'Souza regain focus.

Things had been going well - so well, in fact, that he had begun to take life for granted. That is, until he literally bumped into an old friend in his home city of Mumbai.

“I told him about the job and that it paid well and that they were thinking of promoting me,” D'Souza recalls, almost wincing at the memory. “He just looked at me and said ‘I want to slap you right now!’”

Deciding to return to his roots, Nikhil began to once more make music purely for the love, pushing any other commitment out of his mind.

New cut 'Still In Love' is a key part of his new direction. A supple ode to pure songwriting, it comes from Nikhil realising he was “completely head over heels in love” in love with someone he thought he had left behind.

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Catch Nikhil D'Souza at the following shows:

5 London Servant Jazz Club (headline show)

9 Cornbury Festival
11 London Hospital Club (with KT Tunstall)

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