Taking from early album 'Mating Call'
Nick Monaco

Extravagant. Outrageous. Impossible to ignore.

Nick Monaco burst onto the scene through his association with Soul Clap last year, a glamorous thorn in the side of a grey, tepid electronic movement.

Producing his own brand of lipstick (with all proceeds donated to raise money for transsexuals to have sex change operations and inspire diversity in clubs) the songwriter is now focussed on completing his debut album.

'Mating Call' is set to emerge shortly, but first Clash is able to showcase new cut 'Private Practice'. Sitting somewhere between Laurie Anderson and Prince, the production utilises a post-punk bassline attached to a proto-house rhythm.

The vocals are layered in a surreal choral effect, with Nick Monaco bringing his outrageous confidence into the recording studio.

Listen to it now.

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