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Milk Teeth

There’s something about growing up in a small town that re-enforces the desire to succeed.

It could be battling against local apathy, it could be the suffocating effect of an adolescent spent outside of a metropolis... whatever it is, small towns tend to produce creative people with outrageous ambition and imagination.

Such is the way with Milk Teeth. Hailing from Stroud, the band’s mixture of light/dark, sweet/sour, melody/noise echoes those early 90s reference points – Pixies, The Breeders, Dinosaur Jr – but adds something distinctly British.

Working with London based Venn Records, new EP ‘Sad Sack’ drops on January 26th. Six tracks of quite blistering promise, opener ‘Vitamins’ is all brash confidence and gnarled guitars punctured with wailing vocals.

‘Melon Blade’ is blunt, direct while ‘Linda’ betrays some heavier influences – The Jesus Lizard, maybe, or even Deftones. ‘Bagels’ is an oddball slice of guitar pop, with ‘No Fun’ managing to match the energy levels shown by The Stooges on their track of the same name.

Ending with the down beat, down tuned gothic minstrelsy of ‘Trampoline’, Milk Teeth’s debut EP is a complex yet beguiling gem. Hook heavy and also, y’know, heavy, it’s a powerful opening statement – oh, and you can listen to it below.

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