Premiere: Mikael Lind – ‘Intentions And Variations’ EP

Drifting into a sea of ambience...

Mikael Lind's weightless works seem to evolve in a universe of their own devising.

Drifting into a sea of ambience, new EP 'Intentions And Variations' finds the composer further disintegrating his work.

Dealing in pure sound, 'Intentions And Variations' is a piece of sound design, working in parallel to the catalogues of Deaf Center or Stephen Mathieu.

Five tracks of patient inward journeying, it's an intriguing offering. Mikael explains: "The music was originally written mostly as a couple of piano pieces, but these were gradually transformed into something different through various techniques of sound design. I enjoyed writing pieces where the main movement and complexity lie in the sounds themselves, in the timbre, rather than in the harmony or melody. At the moment, I'm working on different ways of realizing this music in a live situation, and I'm also composing new music for a full-length album."

Check it out now.

'Intentions And Variations' EP will be released on April 8th.

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