Straight up ruffneck drum 'n' bass...
Meridian Dan

Meridian Dan is a grime mainstay, an MC who stuck true to the sound and is reaping the rewards of the creative flux now rippling through the scene.

'German Whip' became a breakout anthem, a hype tune that managed to make the transition from system rinser to chart smash. Grabbing a clutch of MOBO nominations, Meridian Dan is now ready to push home the advantage.

New cut 'Hot For Me Now' is a statement of personal and artistic confidence, with the MC relishing his headlong charge. As he spits as one point: "I spent time on the bench / now I'm banging in goals like Sterling..."

Out now on PMR Records, 'Hot For Me Now' is set to be followed by a clutch of remixes. Calyx And Teebee have stepped up for a piece of straight up ruffneck drum 'n' bass, even throwing in some 8-bit chirrups for good measure.

Complete adrenalin from the off, this breaks-laden re-work demonstrates the extent of Meridian Dan's reach.

Check it out now.

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