Slightly weird, certainly wonderful...

Y’know, sometimes it’s enough to just like something. It doesn’t need an essay to qualify why, a shiny intro to sell the track to the next person. Curiosity can be enough.

I saw the name Meltybrains? and figured: with a name like that, of course I’m going to have a listen. And I’m glad I did. I’m not sure where, exactly, on the sprawling Spirograph of overlapping contemporary genres this Irish outfit sits, but I know it’s a place that I’ll be happy to return to. (Is there a genre called “AnimalCollective-y-But-A-Bit-Not”?)

“We are your new pair of shoes,” says the band’s website. Nonsense, of course – slipping the sleeve for any of this lot’s releases over your socks and stepping into the street won’t do your feet, or the artwork in question, any good at all. It’s best for all concerned, really, that you just listen.

Just remember that the question mark is important: never truly trust what’s in front of you, yeah? ‘IV’, premiered here, is from a forthcoming double-tracker due out in 2015. Expect to hear its flip, ‘Donegal’, sometime after your Christmas cheer has evaporated for another year.

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