As new album 'Human' draws near...
Max Cooper

Max Cooper's work burns with an incredible creative intensity.

Electronic in nature, the vast sweep of the London based composer's work recalls an almost orchestral flair, while it's a near classical in scope emotional touch which ripples through his music.

New album 'Human' certainly doesn't shy away from big topics. Often viewed as being tech-driven and cerebral, Max Cooper's take on electronic music plugs it into the philosophical firmament.

Out on March 10th, the album focusses on consciousness, mythology and the human mind, with each track taking the form of a dense, meditative work.

With only a few previews online, fans have only our word to go on. Thankfully, Clash is now able to back this up by unleashing 'Empyrean' on the waiting world.

In classical Greek mythology 'Empyrean' - or, more properly, 'Empyrean Heaven' - is the highest level of existence, a place where gods, angels and beings of pure light dwell.

The track is sumptuous, enticingly beautiful with Max Cooper piling together layer upon layer of music.

Check it out now.

'Human' is set to be released on March 10th.


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