Cult acid folk hero returns...
'South Wind, Clear Sky'

A child of the counter culture, Mark Fry turned his back on staid English life to explore the world.

Ending up in Italy, it was here that the aspiring songwriter recorded 1972's 'Dreaming With Alice'. An astonishingly creative debut, the album sadly failed to reach a wider audience - but became a treasure trove for fans of acid folk.

Since then, Mark Fry has established himself in Normandy as a highly respected painter. Re-discovered by a Millennial audience, the songwriter's 2008 comeback album 'Shooting The Moon' was swiftly followed by 2011's 'I Lived In Trees'.

Working a respected team of adventurous young acid folk musicians, new album 'South Wind, Clear Sky' arrives on September 29th via Second Language.

Ahead of this, Clash is able to premiere opening track 'Aeroplanes'. The arrangement is sparse but warm, open with Mark Fry's voice retaining the gilded edge of his 1972 debut.

A chorus of guest musicians add an expanded sensibility to the track, with the lyrics betraying a surreal, yet beguilingly English, tale of Fry's dream world.

Listen to it now.

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