"The historic own goal..."
'The EU Song'

Lail Arad is a British songwriter, who is currently spending time in Montreal.

It seems to suit her just fine. At home in a deeply creative city, the lengthy winters afford time to work, before the glorious Canadian summer starts to shine brightly.

It does, though, mean that Lail Arad is slightly cut off from events here in the UK, events that - over the past 12 months, at least - haven't always been pleasant.

New track 'The EU Song' tackles the fabled referendum, and contrasts Brexit with the break up of a relationship.

A coy, funny, and witty track, 'The EU Song' ultimately leaves you wondering if the person doing the breaking up had really made the right decision...

Check it out below.

Lail Arad will return to London this April, holding a residency every Saturday at the Society Club, Shoreditch - details.

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