From new album 'The Onion'
Lail Arad

Lail Arad likes to take her time over things.

The London-born talent released debut album 'Someone New' back in 2011, with the follow up taking five years to reach completion.

New album 'The Onion' is worth it, though. Out on April 15th, it's a smart, funny return, one that is worth filing alongside Courtney Barnett's recent work, or even aspects of Lou Reed's solo output.

New single 'Lay Down' will be released through The Vinyl Factory (also on April 15th), and it's a warm, witty return. The lyrics seem to tumble over themselves, with Lail Arad exclaiming: "Oh heartache! Oh vulnerability! Turn it up loud and drown out the warning bells! Confused? Go ask your mother, she knows."

Check it out now.

The pre-order and tracklisting details for 'The Onion' will be revealed shortly - watch Lail Arad's Facebook for details.

Catch Lail Arad a number of summer shows, including End Of The Road festival.

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