From upcoming album 'Bad Grammar'
L.A. Salami

L.A. Salami was given a guitar for his 21st birthday.

In a way, it was entirely appropriate. The gift seemed to unlock the world of music for him, allowing its puzzles to pour out in the process.

Fast forward by only a few years and L.A. Salami is about to release his debut album. Recorded in a space of just one week, 'Bad Grammar' is sheer post-modern blues, a gritty yet poetic reflection on the world as it is lived.

Fusing together a myriad of different influences, the sound is crisply immediate, with an undercurrent of emotion simply waiting to penetrate the surface.

New cut 'The City Nowadays' is the perfect example. L.A. Salami explains: “I’ve always loved the blues, and I think of this album as my version of blues songs. ‘The City Nowadays’ is like that.”

Bold, entrancing songwriting, you can check it out below.

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