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KOYO is the Japanese word for colourful Autumn leaves, a stunningly beautiful phrase that is both alien and universal.

But then, the rising five-piece have always sought to reach just a little bit deeper. Continually pushing themselves further and further, new cut 'Strange Bird In The Sky' finds the band reaching a fresh level.

Singer Huw Edwards comments: "'Strange Bird...' started everything. Jake and I spent years demoing song after song, trying to hone our writing skills and refine our manifesto. We were discovering so much together and coming up with all kinds of whacky stuff but it was only when people heard 'Strange Bird...' where it was clear we needed to get in the studio."

Dominated by that percussive intro, 'Strange Bird...' has an immediately infectious feel, something that really gets under your skin. Huw continues: "That tribal drum intro was the first thing Tom Higham (our drummer) played with us as well. He just came along to practice, sat down and basically just improvised exactly what you hear on the album. It was the obvious album opener, welcoming people into the world of KOYO just like it did for us."

A superb introduction, you can check it out below.

KOYO will release their debut album on September 15th - catch them live at London venue the Old Queens Head on September 21st.

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