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Finnish outfit K-X-P has long been beloved of those with their ears to the underground, their eponymous debut album of 2010 attracting positive praise from critics that know their shit.

The band always had a dance side beneath their rock-ish front, an electro strut swagger beside the loud electric guitars, so it’s no surprise, really, to find that their second-album-following EP carries a nod to music of movement in its title. And, obviously, its sonic contents.

“Techno is music that has a special undercurrent,” says the band’s frontman Timo Kaukolampi. “It has a meditative undertone of the cosmic frequence (sic) that has been circling in space since the Big Bang. We wanted to put an emphasis on the ritual and spiritual side of techno.”

Check out the results for yourself below:

Pretty flipping great, right? I lost myself for a full 40 minutes.

‘The History Of Techno’ (pre-order) is the first release on K-X-P’s own Öm label. A third album is underway, and you can catch the band (online) live (and you really should) as follows:

10th – Shacklewell Arms, London
12th – Den Haa State x New Forms, Netherlands
13th – Point Éphémère, Paris (Paris Winter Camp Festival)

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