Rising London rapper...
Juna Cosmos

The trouble with artists craving anonymity is that when it's been done once, it's been done forever.

To truly mess around with themes of identity, new artists need to try something different. Check out Juna Cosmos' new picture - not his real name, obviously, that swirl at the centre disrupts the image in a vivid manner.

Hypnotic and slightly unsettling, it aptly mirrors his music. The London based rapper crafts hip hop of a different sort, one informed by Stone Throws' experimentation without being in thrall to it.

Flitting between his dual roles as MC and producer, new cut 'On The Wire' melds both together. A deft, caramel-smooth beat sits underneath Juna Cosmos' vocals, with his deft flow betraying his London origins.

Check it out now.

Find Juna Cosmos online HERE.

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