Straight from the studio...
Josh Record

The studio can be a lonely place.

Endless nights spent fine-tuning instruments, setting up mics and manning the mixing desk can often leave you feeling alienated, alone.

So it's nice to have some form of communication, some way of reaching out. Currently laying down new material, Josh Record has smuggled out a new track for fans.

'Pictures In The Dark' opens with a gentle piano line, Josh Record's voice smothered in blissful harmony. A tale of finding beauty in the most unexpected of circumstances, the track clicks into gear and races towards the finishing line with a powerful vocal from Record leading the way.

There are shades of Arcade Fire in these heartfelt anthemics, with Josh Record seeming to gain in confidence with each passing note.

Check it out now.

Want to keep in touch with Josh Record's studio adventures? Drop the man a line via Facebook or Twitter.

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