Stripped from new album 'Feline Resurrection'
J Sutta

J Sutta began her career as a member of Pussycat Dolls, raining down hit after hit on an unsuspecting public.

Since going solo, though, the singer has had room to fully explore the type of music that she truly wants to make. Introduced to new projects and fresh voices, J Sutta has responded with work of increasing depth, but retaining her thirst to communicate on a mass level.

New album 'Feline Resurrection' is forthcoming, with Sutta explaining: "I can’t wait for people to hear this record. It has taken a lot longer than expected but it is truly going to be a reflection of my growth as a person and artist and I promise it’ll be worth the wait."

New cut 'Forever' is out on February 12th and it's a wonderful indication of where she might head next. The production is coloured with underground hues, with trap snares and fluoro-drenched synths.

"Think of the happiest moment you have ever experienced," she explains. "The most love filled, ecstatic high you can imagine. We have all had glimpses of that kind of euphoria at some point right? What is the thought that comes to mind when you are there at the pinnacle of that high? That is what 'Forever' is about."

"Will Peters wrote 'Forever' with me. He is a great friend and incredible writer and he made it so easy to write with him. The Code, who is a musical genius and has been one of my favourite producer/artists for some time now, produced the song and wrote the music."

Dive in below.

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