It's a bold return...

Indi & The Vegas is an independent pop force.

Currently working on a new album - the ongoing tale that is 'The Getaway' - they match dazzling tones to songwriting of real depth.

Take new single 'Round & Round'. Daniela co-stars on the new track, one that finds Indi & The Vegas distilling their mellifluous influences into one potent release.

Matching LA sheen to crisp pop style, it's a lilting, gently emphatic return. They explain...

"This track is the eighth ‘chapter’ of The Getaway, a story in album form about growing up, falling in love, falling out of love, and these joys and heartbreaks all of us get to go through."

"The couple in the song finally admit that they are going to fight and be mad at each other sometimes and it’s not all roses and plain sailing. It’s the defining point of the story, in all our stories, where we go, OK, we can run away from the work and chase those honeymoon romances, or stick it out, focus on the good and create something real."

"It’s a joyous, eureka moment and the whole vibe is that summer, feel good ting. Uplifting!"

Tune in now.

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