Off the cuff pop music with a left field edge...
Gold Fir

Gold Fir can't help but be themselves.

It's innate, it's unforced - it's in their blood, even. Completely off the cuff pop music with a left field edge, the duo - James and Mabel - make up the rules as they go along.

Need a little more? Here's a quote...

"We like to cook up our songs with both cheesy and fateful ingredients to create something that reflects real life and fantasy/ science and mystery. The beat and production came first, it references the R&B and pop that we grew up listening to, ‘but we also wanted to create a darker edge to bring a more ominous and weighty feel’. We like to touch on broad themes and reference a range of genres that have moved us, with the hope that lots of different people can connect to it in different ways."

New cut 'Sirens' works in several different ways, with it's slightly tropical rhythm adding to that infectious, offbeat feel.

The vivid melodies layered on top add subtle hues and colours, a bright, vivacious offering that's bound to put a spring in your Autumnal step.

Gold Fir tell Clash that 'Sirens' is about "welcoming different aspects of yourself to the dance floor..."

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