Russian psychedelic dreamers...

Russia is almost impossibly vast, a country whose enormous geography to a huge diversity of culture.

Gnoomes hail from the city of Perm, a place which takes its name from the Finno-Ugric word ‘para ma’ meaning ‘Faraway land’.

It's an apt moniker - more than 700 miles away from Moscow, it was remote enough to be used as a place of exile for those who offended Tsar Alexander I in the 19th century.

The band, though, seem to use this distance to their advantage. "We think about isolation as a dream trigger, and sometimes a dream becomes a motivation to do something cool," they explain. "Being in a band is the one thing that keeps us from Russian madness."

A blisteringly original piece of expert psychedelia, Gnoomes' debut album 'NGAN!' will be released on October 16th through Rocket Recordings. New single 'Roadhouse' will be released on October 9th - a piece of lysergic guitar music, the track is a real trip through the hazy outer-dimensional regions of the conscious mind.

Check it out now.

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