Creepy catch up with 'Ghost' discussing some unexpected favourite tracks...

Ghost have quickly become a Scandivian heavy metal bethemoth, they make pop hyms that glorify and glamourise the disgusting and sacriliegious. Their 2015 release 'Circe' won a Grammy award for Best Metal Performance earlier this year and their stage show is a sight to behold generating them a cult following that built to fever pitch of late.

With tour currently on the road in America and recent EP 'Popestar' released to their adoring "clergy" earlier this month, Deezer caught up with one of the nameless ghouls from the band for the latest instalment of their Close Up sessions to talk favourite records, influences and the bands physche with some surprising choices in the the mix!

Probing them on their background, influences, working process and future plans you can expect to see a side to the 'Nameless Ghoul' that you may have deemed impossible!

Check out the interview now below and their playlist here:

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