Gentle, folk-tinged encouragement for the downtrodden...

These are - by any standards - dark times.

The Trump administration is busy picking apart the Obama legacy, with countless thousands taking to the streets in protest.

Freedom Fry can't help but be touched by these events, and decided to reflect it in their music.

New track 'Songbird' - the flip of recent single 'Awake' - aims to give encouragement to the downtrodden, with its gentle, folk-hewn melody rising up into the heavens.

Subtly empowering, 'Songbird' makes it case in the most simple fashion, yet the result is remarkably effective. Freedom Fry explain:

"'Songbird' is for anyone who feels like their voice isn’t being heard. When we sat down to write it we were really feeling the dark mood and the cloud that seems to be hanging over most people’s heads these days. We just wanted to musically extend the sound of hope to anyone who’s feeling powerless or overlooked."

Tune in now.

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