Premiere: Frankie Lee – ‘Buffalo’

Languid, poetic Americana...

Frankie Lee has spent most of his life travelling.

Born in the deep South, his family later moved to Minneapolis, where Lee would come of age within the city's bustling music scene.

Later settling in Austin, Texas, wanderlust took the songwriter out west, to California, before moving to Minnesota in order to be close to his family.

Soaking up the language of the American landscape along the way, Frankie Lee is ready to exhale this through new album 'American Dreamer' on October 2nd.

Rich, at times rather tripped out visions of Americana, Clash is able to tease the release entrancing new track 'Buffalo'.

Frankie Lee explains: "Buffalo was born in the back of a station wagon on my way through the North Dakota Badlands. I had been driving for 14 hours and needed to close my eyes. When I opened them again, the sky was on fire and the oil fields were pumping blood out of the earth and this song was in my head."

Check it out now.

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