Gorgeous Australian shoegaze...
Flyying Colours

Shoegaze is a sound wrought by ironies: reaching towards perfect, ineffable sunshine, the music was crafted by musicians from country's more known for record rainfall.

Flyying Colours, though, are somewhat different. Hailing from Melbourne, their sun-bleached update on the shoegaze sound has a light, buoyant feel matched against some tortured guitars.

New EP 'ROYGBIV' will arrive on May 11th via Club AC30, packed with sugar-rush melodies and psychedelic flamboyance.

Clash is able to premiere 'Running Late' and it's a gorgeous piece of music. Boy/girl vocals swim around in this torrent of sound, with Flyying Colours boasting a rhythm section with a real physical kick.

Check it out now.

Pre-order 'ROYGBIV' EP HERE.

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