Premiere: Felsmann + Tiley – ‘June’

It's a synth fuelled odyssey from the production duo...

Each new piece from Felsmann + Tiley is like a deep dive into the history of synthetic sound.

Stripping away the percussive elements, the pair languish in pure sound, matching club culture, neo-classical and more within a stripped down framework.

This obsession with synths emerges on new album 'Tempora' – pre-order LINK – with the duo explaining…

Synths offer an infinite range of sounds, new ways of modulating and expressing music and live performance opportunities that have not yet been fully harnessed. By stripping away any percussive elements, we are forced to make the musical core work on its own.

The ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack has obviously done a lot to open people’s minds to this genre, and artists have done it successfully before with particular songs – Bicep's ‘Drift’, Stephan Bodzin's ‘The Power of Ten – Synthapellas’ and so on – but nobody has exclusively committed to synth-only releases until now. We're all in on this.

Ahead of the album's release on December 6th we're able to share new track 'June', undulating torrents of sound that pour out of every corner of the speaker.

Tune in now.

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