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There's a curious relationship between youth culture in France and London.

More and more French people are recognising the attraction of London life, helping to add a new flavour to the British capital.

Hell, the BBC reckons that more French people live in London than Bordeaux, Nantes or Strasbourg - and who are we to argue?

FAMY seem to span both worlds. The band's split identity sees them move between West London and the south of France, soaking up all manner of influences in the process.

Descending upon a studio in a rural part of Wales, FAMY completed work on their new EP. The blissful folk influenced chimes of 'A Ho A Hand' were an enthralling introduction, equal parts other-worldly and utterly immediate.

The full EP follows suit. Rooted in acoustic instrumentation, there's a pastoral, hymnal feel to FAMY's work, yet alongside this there's a dream-like imagination, a hidden poetry to each word, each utterance.

'Hebrew' is all off-kilter rhythms and Mediterranean inflections, while 'History Lesson Part III' is a cute homage to the Minutemen's classic track.

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