Liverpool rock outfit continue to soar...

A chance of name often leads to a change in style.

F O E S were once known as Fall Of Every Sparrow, before deciding to shorten their moniker to something a little snappier.

Coincidentally – or not – this has also coincided with the group achieving a real intensity in their sound. With this newfound focus, F O E S have won widespread acclaim, with Huw Stephens lauding the Liverpool rockers on Radio 1.

Clash is able to premiere new track ‘Rival Thrones’ today, and it’s an apt introduction to the four piece. All crunching of riff, ominous of tone and scorching of vocal, F O E S are able to condense their ambitions into one three minute statement.

Far from becoming intimidating, there’s enough pop hooks here to draw in even the most rock-phobic listener. Check it out now.

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