Christopher Royal King directs these startling visuals...
Essaie Pas (Credit: Kasia Zacharko)

Montreal duo's Essaie Pas are set to take their next step.

The duo - Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau - often take time out to explore other facets of music, Marie with her solo work and Pierre as a producer.

Reconvening, the project has applied its exploration of stark electronics to a classic in dystopian science fiction on 'Futur Parlé'.

“We’re excited to share our new single ‘Futur parlé’ with you,” they say. “We decided to conceptualize this one based on Philip K Dick’s work, by paying tribute to his classic novel ‘A Scanner Darkly’. You will hear Marie’s tripped-out pseudo-scientific verbiage in the spirit of the book’s bleak but humorous dialogs, over hypnotic pads of strings, punctuated by dramatic stabs and sensual rhythmic patterns.”

Christopher Royal King directs the visuals, merging the ever-present rush of intrusive information from surveillance cameras with facial recognition software, and abstract digital landscapes.

The director comments: “The realization of ‘post-truth’ in modern times has ultimately blurred the lines of reality and the perception of what is ‘real’. The domino effect has created this frenetic, almost post-apocalyptic landscape and I wanted to attempt to create a narrative and world that attempts to capture the paranoia of trying to function and survive in such an environment.”

Tune in now.

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