Premiere: Eric Slick – ‘The Dirge’

Dr. Dog drummer turns solo with a downbeat gem...

Eric Slick is perhaps best known as a drummer, with his propulsive stick work helping blast Dr. Dog into contention.

His own work, though, offers something quite different. A songwriter of wry downbeat charm and self-deprecating humour, his work offers a dark world-view but with a shard of light beaming through.

Leaving behind Philadelphia for North Carolina, Eric's recent work is informed by his increased use of meditation as a means to process his thoughts.

New cut 'The Dirge' has an element of this quality, with the woozy songwriting perpetually revolving while seeking some form of peace.

He explains: "The post election trauma has left a lot of people feeling hopelessly glued to their social media. The video for 'The Dirge' is an absurdist look into a dystopian living space where Natalie and I try to make the best of our existence while painting our nails, exercising, and singing karaoke on a yoga ball. The computer is watching us and we are watching the computer, ad infinitum."

Tune in now.

Eric Slick's new album 'Palisades' will be released on April 21st.

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