Premiere: Dumb – Still I’m Stuck

“We thought we’d turn it all up to ten..."

In the loose knit world of what could loosely be described as 'indie', bands tend to shy away from confrontation, from making a noise.

Perhaps it's their youth, perhaps it's their precocious nature but Dumb just aren't like that. Each song comes rattling out of the speakers, all noise tinged melody and ripped apart amplifiers.

Playing a host of shows, new EP 'Chew Me Up, Spit Me Out' will be released on August 18th. Available via Tip Top / One Beat, the Midlands newcomers have managed to re-create their live ferocity in the cold studio environment.

"For years indie bands were held back and were quite twangy," explains guitarist Tom Minchin. "We thought we’d turn it all up to ten as we don’t want anything to sound too small. I know it’s a bit crude or garish, but we like everything to be in your face."

See to gain a limited (300 copies only) pressing on translucent vinyl, 'Chew Me Up, Spit Me Out' is – all puns intended – a bite size morsel which will definitely not stick in your throat.

Check out 'Still I'm Stuck'. There are shades of Japandroids in its blood quickening, anthemic nature, but the awkward, stilted, almost surreal wit recalls Pavement, or even Built To Spill.

Check it out below.

Catch Dumb at the One Beat Weekender tomorrow (July 19th).

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