Electro pioneers are re-worked...

Depeche Mode's relationship has long been noted.

The band's single releases - in particular their expansive 12 inch mixes - were a primary influence on techno, helping to inspire the youthful Belleville Three in Detroit.

Later utilising elements of industrial, techno and more in their own sound, Depeche Mode have always been open to fresh voices. Berlin based Santé has long used the British group as a point of reference, openly admitting a debt on his own cutting edge deep house productions.

Recently winding down with Depeche Mode's latest opus 'Delta Machine', the producer was drawn to one track in particular. Placing 'My Little Universe' on a loop, the producer decided that he simply had to remix the track.

Clash is able to premiere the results, alongside a short Q&A with Santé focussing on the remix, his future plans and love for Depeche Mode.

So how did this Depeche Mode mix come about?
I was sitting at the breakfast table after an intense weekend of touring and my girlfriend was listening to the new 'Delta Machine' album. I was in a Monday morning mood but when 'My Little Universe' was playing, something came over me. I thought: "I have to remix this tune." I started playing around with some ideas, then my management sent it to Depeche Mode and the band loved it and wanted me to finish the remix for them.

Has their sound been a strong influence in your own sonic material over the years?
Absolutely - I was always listening to Depeche Mode. I’m a huge fan of Martin Gore's programming and sound design skills. This is why he and the band always influenced my own productions.

This is noticeably different to your usual releases - is it a sound we can expect more from you in the future?
Yes! I want to do a mixture between dancefloor banger and some tunes with more musical influences, because this is actually where I come from - songwriting and sound design for movies and trailers.

I also worked on my first artist album which is more melody-influenced with a lot of singers. I did this while I was touring all over the world, but most of it happened when I began this year in Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to use a new vintage studio with a lot of analog gear there.

What was your initial vision for the remix? Has it turned out how you had intended it to? What do you believe the original has gained from your involvement?
First of all there was this moment which I can´t describe - it was just there. I had always wanted to do a remix for Depeche Mode and this tune was perfect to remix for the dancefloor, because the original had this house feeling in it thanks to the huge synth line.

Check out the remix below.

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