Lush house built to make a crowd sweat...

Sometimes partying can be the most rebellious act of all.

When teasing out material for his new EP, Denney decided to go straight for the jugular; 'Pimp Out' is peak time listening, a fun, energetic collection which touches on hip hop breaks, classic Chicago sounds and more.

Out on February 2nd via Hot Creations, Denney introduces the material by saying: "The EP was inspired by listening to old Todd Terry Sound Design records, as well as being massively inspired by the Back to Basics dance floor.  I also wanted elements of hip house and acid in there... they are straight up party records."

Clash is able to premiere the title track and it's wonderfully immediate. Buoyant house energy prevails, with Denney throwing in some naughty early 90s references.

From the shuffling snare to the squelching synths and simple-yet-effective chants, 'Pimp Out' is built to make a crowd sweat.

Check it out now.

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