Titanic shoegaze with a clear Krautrock influence...

Space rock outfit Delta Mainline are ready for another interstellar exploration.

Debut album 'Oh! Enlightened!' landed six years ago, completely out of sync with the music scene around them, but blessed with outrageous originality.

Matching shoegaze textures to a clear Krautrock influence, the Edinburgh based six piece broke down the walls around them to embrace pure, unfettered creativity.

New album 'Bel Avenir' took some time to bring into focus, with Paul Savage assisting throughout. Out this year, it was a lengthy but ultimately rewarding process.

Vocalist David McLachlan explains: “The second album was four years in the making. Our original goal was to record and mix 11 songs within a few months, but the very opposite happened. Songs were scrapped, members left, and we seriously questioned ourselves and the point of continuing. We had a rough idea of what we wanted to create and for this to happen we needed to develop and change.”

We're able to share 'Folk Stories & Fairytales' a heavyweight psych juggernaut that powers endlessly towards the horizon. David continues:

“We started again without timescales and boundaries; ‘Folk Stories & Fairytales’ was the first song that we worked on after the initial dark period. It explores the tensions in relationships that push you to the edge of your emotional limits. The central theme is about accepting people for who they are and understanding your own emotions for the better.”

Tune in now.

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